Please answer the following discussion questions:Question 1

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Please answer the following discussion questions:Question 1 – The value chainIn the competitive advantage chapter we discussed the internal value chain activities a firm can perform in its business model. The value chain priorities can be quite different for firms taking different business strategies. Create examples of value chains for three firms: one using cost leadership, another using differentiation, and a third using an integration business-level strategy.Question 2 – IntelA company such as Intel has a complex design and manufacturing process. This should lead Intel management to be concerned with scale of production and learning curves. When do you think managers should be more concerned with large-scale production runs, and when do you think they should be most concerned with practices that would foster or hinder the hiring, training, and retention of key employees?Please answer the following ethical/social issues question:Question 3 – Procter & GambleSuppose Procter & Gamble (P&G) learns that a relatively new startup company Method ( is gaining market share with a new laundry detergent in West Coast markets. In response, P&G lowers the price of its Tide detergent from $18 to $9 for a 150-oz. bottle only in markets where Method’s product is for sale. The goal of this “loss leader” price drop is to encourage Method to leave the laundry detergent market. Is this an ethical business practice? Why or why not?

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