Adverse Trauma With Sucide Ideation Among Youth

opic: Adverse Trauma with Sucide Ideation among youth
Paper details: Adverse Trauma and Suicide Ideation among youth. The guidelines of the paper is as follows:
The paper should clearly identify the topic/focus and its relevance to contemporary social work practice.
Describe the history, theories, programs and policy influences on the selected problem/issue.
Use the American Psychological Association Manual of Style (APA) 7th edition.
Type, a 15-page, double-spaced paper and use 12-point Times New Roman font
Cover and reference pages will not count as part of the required 15 pages
Students are required to have a minimum of 7 empirical journal references.
And this is the outline:Outline for Final Paper & Oral Presentation–Content Areas:

I. Introduction and Overview (Ch 1)

Describe the problem, issue, or practice concern.
Describe the relevance to social work practice.

II. Background/History (Ch 3)
Identify when this issue emerged as a concern for social work.
Identify target area/population.
Describe past initiatives that addressed the problem area.
What are the diversity intersections/multicultural practice issues that require consideration?
What are the current major social/professional concerns?
III. Theory (Ch 2,4)
What theory (s) best explain, interpret or predict the problem, issue you identified?
How does this theory influence your thinking about how to intervene to alleviate the problem, issue?
IV. Literature Review (Ch 11,12, 14)
Who are the contributing researchers, scholars, social work professionals to this issue? Which other disciplines are interested in this issue?
How does the empirical literature describe the problem, issue and social work intervention? (ex. does it support or refute current interventions used in the field?)
V. Describe interventions Ch 5-8, 13)

What has been done to address the problem, issue identified?
Explain the success or failure of past initiatives.
Offer your recommendations for effective change.
VI. Policy Ch 9, 11)
What policy(s) is important to understand in relationship to the problem, issue?
How has the policy influenced the creation of programs, social work intervention and/or the delivery of services?
VII. Conclusions
Summarize the significant findings of your research and how they could make a contribution to social work knowledge and practice.

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