Calculating the bicep muscle force


1: Calculate the bicep muscle force (25 points).
Fp = 294.3 N
Weight of drill = 5 kg
∆x = 2 cm
Weight of forearm & hand = 17.3 N
Center of gravity of forearm is 15 cm from the elbow joint along the forearm segment
Moment arm for drill = 42 cm
Moment arm for bicep muscle = 6 cm
Weight of drill bit = 4.91 N
Moment arm for drill bit = 59 cm

Homework 2: Calculate the 75th percentile shoulder-to-fingertip length. Given that the mean length of the lower arm (LA) link length (with the hand) is 452.9 mm, with a standard deviation of 03.4 mm. the mean upper arm (UA) link length is 395.8 mm, and its standard deviation is 7.4 mm. the correlation between UA and LA to be 0.45. (20 points)

Homework 3: Calculate the total metabolism for a male weighing 70 kg who performs the following regimen over 8-hour period: (10 points)
Light assembly: 2hr (Activity metabolism = 2.2 kcal/min)
Bench soldering: 1 hr (Activity metabolism = 2.7 kcal/min)
Laboratory work: 1.5 hr (Activity metabolism = 1.6 kcal/min)
Mowing: 2 hr (Activity metabolism = 6.7 kcal/min)
Weeding: 1.5hr (Activity metabolism = 5.6 kcal/min)
BM = 1.2 kcal/min

Homework 4: Calculate the approximate oxygen consumption and energy consumption and energy expenditure (kcal/min) for the following tasks:
1. Chopping wood for 20 minutes –steady state heart rate = 115 (5 points)
2. Carrying weight upstairs for 10 minutes – steady state heart rate = 135. (5 points)

Based on the energy expenditure determined in Task 1, calculate the rest period if a female 40 years of age (BM = 1.0 Kcal/min) is performing the wood chopping task for 100 minutes. What will be the rest period for the male of same age (BM = 1.0 Kcal/min)? (20 points)

Perform the ergonomic job evaluation for the following lifting tasks. Your ergonomic job evaluation report must include following components:
1) Job description
2) Job analysis
3) Hazard Assessment
4) Redesign suggestion

Homework 5: Super-Mario is working at a supply chain. Products after a certain process are delivered to shelf 1 in a box weighing 22 lbs. After a quick inspection while the product is on shelf 1, he lifts the box and puts it on shelf 2. The frequency of lifting is 3/min for duration of 45 minutes. Frontal length and height of the boxes are less than 16 and 12 inches, respectively. No hand-hold cut-out on the boxes, however boxes can be lifted with by clamping fingers at 90⁰ under the boxes. (30 points)


Homework 6. Super Mario is lifting a weight of 500 N such that the horizontal distance between L5S1 joint and the location of the weight is 32 cm. Trunk is making an angle of 20 degrees with the horizontal plane and the moment arm for the body weight with respect to L5S1 joint is 25 cm. Calculate the compressive and shear forces acting at the L5S1 joint. Body weight = 400 N and moment arm for low back muscle = 4.5 cm. (25 points)

Homework 7. Super-Mario unloads cans from a cart to three storage shelves as shown in the following Figure. The cans do not have molded handholds, so the he hooks his fingers or slides his hand under the turned edge of the can to lift it. Lifting frequency is 9 lifts/minutes and duration is 1 hour. (30 points)


Homework 8. Following boxes arrive at a stocking station on a conveyor at the rate of 12/min. The conveyor height is 24 inches and the stacking height is 45 inches above the ground. Determine the capacity of 80% of the male population in carrying out this task for 6 hours/day, for 5 days a week. Is this job acceptable? (30 points)

Size Handles Weight Twisting motion
Box 1 20 in. No 10 kg Yes
Box 2 15 in. No 20 kg No
Box 3 12 in. Yes 25 kg No

Consider: 1) equal arrival rate for the three types of boxes; 2) handling of one type of box as a separate task; 3) three tasks constitute one group.


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