I am working to redesign the Chattahoochee Tech main page.I

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I am working to redesign the Chattahoochee Tech main page.I would need to have:A. Use Bootstrap to control menus, titles, text, pictures … so the page looks good when reduced to cell phone size.B. All links MUST work. They must link to all the same areas as the current size. Which means, your main page completely works and has the same content as the current page.C. Your site should ONLY use Bootstrap, html, and CSS. Do not use any other tool that you might discover on the CTC page or some other page. Keep it simple but make it professional.D. At the bottom of your page include a table (yes, it should be controlled by Bootstrap) that includes the module and what tool you used from that module. Such as module 3 – Nav I will compare what you list with what you have. There must (on average) be at least three bootstrap items from each module used on the page.This assignment will take a while to complete properly. So spend the time to make it look great.Points WILL be take off it is does not look clean and professional.What to turn in:1. All html, bootstrap, css, and pictures that reside on the web page compressed in one file. TAKE THIS COMPRESSED FILE TO A COMPUTER IN WHICH YOU DID NOT CREATE THIS ASSIGNMENT. THEN UNCOMPRESS IT THERE. TEST YOUR SITE MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WORKS, INCLUDING ALL PICTURES PROPERLY DISPLAYING. YOU WILL LOSE POINTS IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS.2. Screen shots. At least six, showing items working in full screen and reduced to cell phone size.Have fun with this. I know some of you will create a better looking page then the current CTC page.I will be able to provide the basic chap information for the ones we have been over.

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