Research and Program Evaluation



Kendyl is investigating the efficacy of counseling programs associated with enhanced relationship satisfaction. Kendyl is aware of John Gottman’s Weekend Workshops for couples and she is interested in the research question: Is there a statistically significant difference in couples’ satisfaction before participating in the workshop and one week after participating in the workshop?

In order to measure relationship satisfaction, Kendyl researches a reliable instrument called “Enrich Marital Satisfaction Scale” (Fowes & Olson, 1993) and gives this scale to couples before participating in the workshop and then again one week after participating. When analyzing the data, what statistical test should Kendyl use to answer the research question and why? (2 points for correct test listed and 3 points for rationale)

Kendyl decides to use a Paired Samples T-Test and her results indicate a pretest mean of 31.3667 (SD = 6.31082) and a posttest mean of 34.9667 (SD = 6.65652), p = .000.

1. Did Kendyl use the correct statistical test?

2. Despite whether Kendyl used the correct test, what do these results indicate?


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