Texas Executive Branch Assignment


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Write a 2 – 5 page essay explaining the facts of the case and how the court ruled. What did Chief Justice Hecht
say about the court’s reasoning in his majority opinion? What is a concurring opinion, and what did Justice
Guzman say in hers? Note the unusual step taken by Justice Guzman in urging the Texas Legislature to take a
look at the workers’ compensation law next year. Is that an appropriate role for a judge? Most important: If you
had been on the Supreme Court, how would you have ruled and why? [Interesting note: You’ll notice it says
“Justice Lehrmann did not participate in the decision” – it’s because she was sick with COVID-19. She’s now
Submit in Word. Cite your sources.
Other Resources
Here’s where you can find the official court opinions: https://www.txcourts.gov/supreme/ordersopinions/2020/june/june-12-2020/ (Links to an external site.)
JDSupra explains the case: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/texas-supreme-court-clarifies-standard-48737/
(Links to an external site.)
Landline, a truckers’ publication, has a nice article about the case: https://landline.media/texas-supreme-courtrules-on-workers-compensation-wrongful-death-case/ (Links to an external site.)
BusinessInsurance.com has this article:
https://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20200615/NEWS08/912335117/Exclusive-remedy-bars-familyfrom-suing-in-Texas-truck-driver%E2%80%99s-death-Mo-Vac-Ser (Links to an external site.)





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