What is a “reliable” source?

What is a “reliable” source?


Prompt: Sometimes, determining the reliability of a source is easy. Below is a real person’s reaction to the safety message about Pokemon Go. Its on a website called “Literally Unbelievable.”

“Safety FTW: The Pokemon in Pokemon Go Will Now Scream When A Player is Within A Mile Of A Registered Sex Offender.”

See the person’s response below the image of Charmander. This is amusing and its easy to see that Pokemon Go does not link itself to a sex offender registry.

But, sometimes its more challenging to determine the readability of a source.

So how do we know when a source is reliable? Share your thoughts with class. What do YOU think makes a source “reliable?”

What do you look for when deciding? Then, consider the CRAP (Links to an external site.) test. (Yes, its a real thing).

Is the CRAP test a good way to distinguish reliable sources from unreliable ones? Share your opinion with class.

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