Design a context Level DFD !!

Paul’s Perfect Pepperoni Pizza Palace makes super awesome pizzas for both delivery and take-out. The management at Paul’s has always just used paper tickets to record orders.

These tickets are then saved in a box for future use (like reporting.) Since the orders are paper, management has no way to get information about sales other than to manually count and aggregate sales based on the paper ticket. As you can imagine, this never happens (Paul is kind of lazy.)

Paul’s management also has no system for tracking inventory other than when an employee tells them that some product is running low. At that point, an order is placed for those inventory items for a quantity that the management assumes is appropriate. Since management doesn’t have accurate historical sales data, most of the time those amounts are not correct.

You have been hired by Paul’s owner to build an electronic system to help address the above issues. This system needs to track customers, orders and inventory. Anyone in the business can enter an order but only management can get reports out, management is the only group who can directly update inventory. The reports management would like are: order summary for past 30, 60 days, inventory on- hand and low-stock (what needs to be ordered)

1. Design a context Level DFD !!

2. Design a level-0 DFD !!

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