Employee motivation






The purpose of the paper is to analyze your understanding of the organizational behavior materials as it applies to your own work group.  This analysis should demonstrate your research skills and your ability to determine both effective and ineffective application of the organizational behavior theories and principles. The paper should be 10-12 pages in length and should be double-spaced. An outline for this paper is as follows:

Current State

Describe the organizational environment within which you work, but through the eyes of a customer on issues, such as:
Organizational goals
Organizational structure
Employee motivation
Leadership style
Job design
Organizational climate
Include references to the theory and theorists to support your problem narrative.

Desired State

Use the list from above to define your desired state for your organization’s work group.  What is working?  What would you change?  Why?
Include the theory/theorists to support your position.
Action Plan

Develop an action plan to move your work group from its current state to the desired state.

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