For this assignment, you are going to create a paper prototy

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For this assignment, you are going to create a paper prototype for a client (me). Your paper prototype must illustrate interactions between the user and the interface. The paper prototype must also include content.I would like an application for my smartphone that reminds me when to water my plants.From the following list, select two (2) features and create a paper prototype to illustrate how the application will look, flow, and interact with the user across those two features. Features: Add a new plant and delete a plant (sometimes I kill plants, okay? That’s why I need this app.) Log when an existing plant was last watered Add another plant caretaker, so two people aren’t watering the same plant Set up notifications (what time of day, how often, by text, email or push, etc.) Upload and view images of a plant (so I can see how much it’s grown!)Assignment requirements:It must be a hand drawn paper prototype.Six (6) screens minimum illustrate two (2) features from the list above All screens must include example content. (for example, don’t write “plant name”, write “Boston Fern”.) You can find some example content here.There must be illustrations of interaction with the interface (this could be in the form of drop down menus, pop up windows, etc.)How to submit:Once you’ve created your paper prototype, take a photo of each screen and number the files in the order the screens appear. (1.png, 2.png, 3.png, etc.)You could also make a .gif of your paper prototype for some “above and beyond” points. The more detailed your prototype is, the better! Other ways to go above and beyond might include fold out drop down menus, or adding your own features, in addition to two from the list.

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