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watch this video: first part of the Dance & Politics paper asks you to watch a dance and decipher its message while describing what you see happening in the body. Please incorporate the group and individual feedback from the Movement Description assignment. The second part of the Dance & Politics paper asks you to look at your own life and how you engage in social responsibility, which is one of the core component areas that the State of Texas requires that we teach. Dancers and choreographers make dance to express their points of view. Other people may make a statement through the things they buy, what they say, and how they live. We are all engaged in sociopolitical issues – no matter how large or small. There is no need to find a cause this week so that you can write a paper. Instead, the goal is to reflect on your life and what you have already done. Then write about it! For example, do you vote? If so, why? If not, why? Even choosing not to vote can be a political statement. Or, do you support (or not support) a certain business because of their values/views? Have you volunteered or donated? What was the cause to which you contributed? Our actions are laden with meaningLook at the rubrics to complete the Essay in MLA format on word

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