Design a database to store this information.

EcoBus Corporation: EcoBus Corporation makes hybrid natural‐ gas‐fueled buses for various clients, including city, state, and county transit authorities. This database is concerned with the ordering of buses. EcoBus currently has dozens of basic bus models, each of which has a unique model number, along with a length, width, height, basic gross weight, and list price. For each of the firm’s customers, you want to store a name (for example, “NJ Transit”), address, city, state zip, code, phone number, and contact person name (assume that you do not want to maintain a separate table for zip codes). Over time, customers may place multiple orders; for each order, you want to store the date of the order and the percentage discount negotiated from the list price of the order. Each order consists of one or more “production batches.” A production batch consists of a number of buses that are all the same model and have same option packages. Each production batch is identified by the serial number of the first bus in the batch; the remaining buses in the production batch have consecutive serial numbers. Your system needs to know the number of buses in each batch, the model of bus, and which option packages apply to buses in the batch. Options are sold only in option “packages,” each consisting of one or more options. Each option package has a unique catalog number, a name (for example, “cold climate engine kit” or “bicycle storage”), a description, and a list price. Each individual option has a unique option code and description. Some individual options are in more than one option package. Design a database to store this information.

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