Ethnicity and ethnic diversity




Explain that ethnicity and ethnic diversity have an impact on political behavior and
goods distribution. Specifically, we have seen that ethnicity influences the way people vote, the strategies of
political parties (and party formation), and the way public goods like roads and schools are dispersed in
society. Overall, to what extent can we say that ethnic diversity has a positive and/or negative (or both) impact
on political outcomes? Answers should be between 200-400 words and should specifically reference at least 2
readings (Alesina et al.; Habyarimana et al; Goodwin; van der Brug; and Fearon).
Fearon, James. 1999. “Why Ethnic Politics and ‘Pork’ Tend to Go Together.” Working Paper, Stanford
Habyarimana, James, Macartan Humphreys, Daniel N. Posner, Jeremy M. Weinstein 2007 “Why Does Ethnic
Diversity Undermine Public Goods Provision?” American Political Science Review 101(4): 709-725.
Wouter Van Der Brug et al. Anti-immigrant parties in Europe: Ideological or protest vote? European Journal of
Political Research, January 2000, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp 77-102

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