Modern Architecture and Design




Quiz #1 (DUE uploaded to Blackboard by September 27, 11:59PM):
Section 1: Identify the following 5 buildings/architectural designs:

1) Coalbrookdale Bridge
2) HH Richardson’s Marshall Field Warehouse Store
3) Hotel Tassel
4) Casa Milá
5) Ernst Ludwig House

Identify each object as follows:

5 Architecture ID’s (15 points each; total 75 points)
1) Architect
2) Title of Building
3) Date
4) Describe the style of the architect and/or architectural movement and explain its significance (short paragraph) (15 pts)

Since these are “open-book” quizzes, you will be graded on (4) your paragraph on the style of the architect and/or architectural movement and the significance of the work of architecture. Please use lecture notes, textbook and additional assigned readings to prepare your answer.

. ****Remember to connect the work to the architectural movement and architect’s specific style and the way in which technology has impacted the structure (if applicable); in addition, ALWAYS use corresponding architectural terms listed on your image list and from readings/lectures.

Section 2: Compare and Contrast essay (total 25 points) This is a comparison of two works of architecture (250 words double-spaced, 12-pt font). Choose one comparison from the two listed below:

Pair 1: Louis Sullivan, Carson, Pirie, Scott Department Store, Chicago, 1889-1904
Adolf Loos, Goldman and Salatsch House, Vienna , 1909

Pair 2: Philip Webb, Red House, Kent, England, 1859
Josef Hoffmann, Palais Stoclet, Brussels, Belgium, 1905

Below is a useful link on how to compose an architectural compare and contrast essay. Please read this before you begin your essay.
Writing an Architectural Comparison Essay: Boston Architectural College






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