Quality Management Plan Course Project Task 1

The reading materials for Week 3 are Chapters 6, 7 & 8 from Applying quality management in healthcare by Spath & Kelly (2017).

In this course, you will have completed a Quality Management Plan by week 5.

W3: Course Project Task 1

W4: Course Project Task 2

W5: Course Project Task 3

First, you identify a department or unit in a hospital such as ER, Pharmacy, or Lab. If you wish to use a medical practice to work on your Course Project, it is perfectly fine. By requirements, you are supposed to use the same healthcare setting for instance ER for your Course Project Task 1, Task 2, & Task 3.
Below are tasks to be completed in your Course Project Task 1. You are not required to discuss the Shewhart Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and root cause analysis (RCA).

Complete a part of the Plan step of the cycle.
Describe the environment, the organization, and the department or program within the organization that is the basis for your project. Describe the selected healthcare setting, specifically its service, staff, equipment, and patients. Identify and describe the scope and nature of the problem.
Assess the environment using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Interview some stakeholders, such as managers, staff, or customers. Use the interview information to conduct the SWOT analysis. You may also summarize or quote any important or interesting information gathered during the interview.
Select one of the weaknesses determined by the SWOT analysis to create a plan for improvement.
I understand employee turnover rate or burnout is prevalent in any organizations; however, MHC6303 Quality Performance & Management is not a HRM course. Please identify a weakness for instance long wait time in ER that you can work on process improvement to implement quality management plan. Please review the course description, as below, carefully.
This course examines the quality assessment of both business practices and healthcare delivery focusing on outcome measurements, process/outcome relationships, and methods for process improvement. Quality management tools and techniques are reviewed with a focus on patient safety, clinical quality, care outcomes, and cost benefit analysis in patient care.

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