“Reducing Hunger on Campus”




Article “Reducing Hunger on Campus” by Heather Stringer (Links to an external site.)
For each answer, identify the paragraph number where you found the information (which will help you later when you write Essay 2).
Describe how hunger affected Ryan Pickering while he was a student.
According to a 2018 survey of 86,000 students, what was the amount of students who were food insecure?
According to this same survey, who suffers the most from food insecurity?
Psychologist Yu-Wei Wang, PhD, studied the food insecurity of more than 4,900 students at her university in 2017. How did food insecurity negatively affect the students?
According to Dr. Wang’s study, why don’t some students seek help when they are suffering from food insecurity?
According to Dr. Heather Bullock’s study, why don’t food-insecure students at UC Santa Cruz seek help?
What problem did Dr. Bullock say students were having with food programs like CALFresh and SNAP?
During a series of summits in Michigan, food pantry directors and staff from college campuses identified ways that campus food pantries could improve. What are two areas in need of improvement?
Sander Levin, a legislator in Michigan, co-sponsored the College Student Hunger Act. What willthis act hopefully accomplish?


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