Tap Water Or Bottled Water

Consider the discussion questions below. Please begin a discussion about the benefits of hydration through “tap” water versus bottled water. Your initial comments must be at least a full solid paragraph for each question (over 50 words). As always, be certain to respond to at least three postings of your classmates!

In the world of sports, hydration is king or queen. The sports industry is fueled (literally) by mega-companies who spend billions of dollars to sell us an amazing fuel that stains life, heightens performance, prevents, fatigue, and helps us regulate our own body temperatures. That’s right: we’re talking about water! However, in the hands of a few nutritionists and some clever marketing people, we have been duped! We buy more water in containers than ever and we demand that the water be infused with “extras” of all kinds so we can “be better.” Is this truly necessary? Is bottled water/sports beverages that much better for you or are we all just victims of our own vanity? Please respond with your opinion on this topic. Cheers!

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