US history



In what ways (how, why, where) did the nation expand, 1790s – 1860s? How did that expansion affect Native
Americans and/or African Americans?
Who “belonged” in the new nation as citizens? Did American Indians? Did African Americans?
Define and explain the significance of the “Cotton Kingdom” & the Market Revolution for the experiences of
Native Americans and/or African Americans.
Who was Andrew Jackson and what were his views of Native Americans What was the so-called “Indian
problem” and how did Jackson propose to solve it?
What was the “Indian Removal” policy?
What was the “Trail of Tears” and why and how did it happen?
How do you explain the growing population of African Americans in the slave-free states of the North?
What does the historian, Leon Litwack, mean when he says that they lived “only ‘north of slavery’” (Leon
Litwack in Takaki, 99)?
What were the daily lives of enslaved people like? What factors influenced peoples’ lives? For example, did
age or gender make a difference? Were there different “classes” of enslaved people?
What forms, both direct and indirect, did resistance to slavery take?
Based on what you read in Takaki, define and explain the significance of the term, “Sambos.”
Who were Frederick Douglass and Martin Delaney? In what ways did they have similar ideas, beliefs, and/or
goals? In what ways did their ideas, beliefs, and/or goals differ?
For full credit, your initial post should be ~200 words in length and it should contain one or more direct
references to our text. Optional, include references to other course materials, such as the films.





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