AssignmentThis assignment is an argumentative essay. In the

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AssignmentThis assignment is an argumentative essay. In the introductory paragraph, you should state a thesis/conclusion (10 pts) and give a brief summary of how you intend to argue in favor of it. You should also give definitions for any important terms that occur in your argument (5 pts). In the main body of the essay you should develop your premises. That is, you should state your premises (25 pts), give reasons in favor of thinking that the premises are true (25 pts) and account for why your premises support your conclusion (25 pts). In the concluding paragraph, there is more flexibility. Your concluding paragraph (10pts) is an opportunity to either summarize your main argument, restate your conclusion, or contribute any final thoughts that you have about the topic that you’ve chosen for your essay.FormattingAPA, MLA, and Chicago are all acceptable citation formats for this assignment. Essays should be double-spaced and in 12 pt font.Sample TopicsYou can choose any topic you wish, but I have provided a list of questions you might want to address in your argumentative essay:Is euthanasia morally permissible?Should there be a death penalty?Do biological races exist?Is it morally wrong to eat non-human animals?Is Baltimore part of the South?Who wins in a fight between Batman and Superman?You should consider that it would be very difficult to address many of these questions fully in a 1000-word essay, so, you should choose your words carefully.

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