Conduct a competitor analysis to understand the competition

Understand the components of the business plan and use the information as the basis for the video presentation
For this assessment task, you should create a video presentation of the business plan of the innovative start-up business that you reported in the previous Assessment 3 (I will give you my assignment 3). Having a business plan is necessary for any start-up, as it helps determine if the business has a chance to succeed, especially in this competitive business environment where new ideas have only a short shelf life. For this task, you may present your business plan according to the topics listed below. (NOTE: Your plan must consider and incorporate the 9 components of the Business Model.
There are two types of business plans: the long form and the short form. Consider this as the roadmap of your business in order to keep you on track during the initial stages of development. It states how you are going to achieve the objectives, where do you want to go, and the potential and market competition for your start-up. You do not need to add a lot of cash flow statements or numbers to the business plan but you need to estimate the amount of capital required and explain how it will be funded.
For this semester, you will prepare the short form business plan which is a written description that outlines a plan for the short-term and long-term goals to achieve a sustainable future for the business. As a minimum, your business plan must address these topics.
Write about 150-200 words of Executive summary of your Video Presentation of your innovative Start-up business that relates to the Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Industry in Australia and
Make 9 slides of PowerPoint (every slide with note please) follow this outline:
1. Describe the objectives and mission
2. Market analysis
3. Explain your start-up costs and how is it to be funded
4. Conduct a competitor analysis to understand the competition
5. Define your products and services to be offered
6. Develop management and operational plans
7. Marketing and sales channels
8. Conclusion
Assessment Criteria used to grade this task:
1. Overview: You have clearly defined your business and product description, customer value proposition, a profit formula, key resources and key processes. (8 marks)
2. Content/organization: You explained the key considerations for the startup business: competitor analysis, breakdown of your products and services and identify the unique selling proposition (USP), target market, marketing plan, funding strategy to start the business. The content is relevant and compelling and it leaves no doubt that there was excellent thought in producing the business plan. A rich variety of supporting media tools in the video contributes to an excellent understanding of the innovative Start-up business. (9 marks)
3. Overall Presentation, i.e. Transition is logical – font, spacing Grammar, spelling, expression In-text referencing and reference list has a minimum of 3 academic references. APA referencing used throughout is consistent and accurate and demonstrated ability to reference a range of both primary and secondary sources both in-text and using a reference list. (3 marks)

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