Discussion Board 1.1: Anatomy, Physiology, and the Human Bod

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Discussion Board 1.1: Anatomy, Physiology, and the Human Body99 unread replies.99 replies.Description:In this discussion, you will examine the importance of homeostasis as it relates to health and what might happen when it is not maintained.Objectives:Describe the major functions of the four types of human tissue.Define homeostasis.Explain the role of positive and negative feedback loops in maintaining homeostasis.Instructions:Step 1: Respond to the following:It is essential to good health that the human body maintain homeostasis. The lack of homeostasis can result in disease or even death, and a variety of problems can result when the human body does not maintain homeostasis.What possible negative consequences could develop when a person experiences a lack of homeostasis in a certain area? Explain.Pick two possible ways that a person’s body could stop maintaining homeostasis (for example, with blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose levels, etc.) and describe the possible resulting health problems for each.How can each type of homeostasis loss be treated medically (through medication, procedures, etc.)?*Be sure to cite any outside sources in APA format.

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