Job Analysis; Franchised operator



How did you hear about and become interested in an opportunity as a chick fil-a franchised operator?
Please highlight your accomplishments that you believe are the most important and meaningful. I graduated
top of my class with my Bachelors of Arts in economics from Brooklyn College . I became assistant manager
for McDonald’s got Employee of the year , Proven performer Perfect Attendance, Best service crew , and Born
Leader Award , completed food handlers training . I become a supervisor for a Medicaid unit as a civil service
employee for Human Resources of Administration. I became a member of Democratic Socialist of America’s
which is the largest socialist organization in the United States and help get 5 candidates elected into office
through campaigns . I joined a community organization and helped of 2,000 families receive groceries , mask,
and air conditioners through the pandemic, I also have been able to travel to five different countries and learn
there cultures . I was also able to obtain my cpr certification and blood pathogen certificate .
Why are you interested in owning and operating a franchised restaurant business ?
Please share your short term and long term personal and business related goals?


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