LM 6: Practicing data analyses

LM 6: Practicing data analyses

Answer each question (1 point per question = 5 points total):

· As you proceed, think about why the analysis is appropriate for the particular variables included in that question (hint: think about whether the variable is continuous or categorical).

· If you’re stuck, be sure to reference the data analysis slides and resources from this week’s materials on Cougar Courses.

· Round each number out to two decimal places and use leading zeros (e.g., 0.166 = 0.17). This will give you practice reporting findings in APA style.

· When “explaining your findings in words” write out the findings as you would in a Results section; do not elaborate on the findings as you would in a Discussion (hint: there are examples in your guidelines for Paper 1!).

· You must work on the assignment on your own to help you learn the material.

· Be sure to follow the outline to facilitate grading (e.g., 1a, 1b, etc). It will be easiest if you write your responses in this Word document and submit the document to the assignment on CCs.

· Submit your responses when you are finished to on Cougar Courses.

1. Conduct a chi-square analysis with Gender_2levels and Puberty (note: the variable “Puberty” refers to whether or not the child has reached puberty yet).

a. What is the chi-square value?

b. What is the p-value?

c. Is this significant at p

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