Modify the ConvertToC

Step 1- Modify the ConvertToC

You will be using execv that requires a char** as an argument. The catch is that the char ** has to be NULL terminated

Please do the following

  1. allocate an extra “word” for NULL (Hint: tokenCount+1)
  2. store the value of NULL into the extra “word”

Step 2- Modify the ProcessCommand

You will be emulating a shell. First, the shell checks for specific commands (“shutdown”, “lo”, etc). If it does not recognize those commands then, a fork occurs and the child will execute the command as typed.

The algorithm to implement is as follows (Hint: add code inside the else):

  1. fork to create a child and parent
  2. the child will do the following:
    • Call the ConverToC function and capture the return into a char** variable
    • Call execvp sending it two arguments: the first element (or word) of the char** variable, and the entire array
    • Print an error message
    • exit
  3. the parent will do the following:
    • wait for the child
    • return 1
  4. don’t forget to handle the error case of the fork

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