please briefly respond to one of the below questions (and, i

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please briefly respond to one of the below questions (and, if you think of one, please also pose your own discussion question, or your own question for Dr. Anesi):. What are some of the intersections between disability and colonialism that Meekosha finds (choose 1-2 examples)? Explain one these intersections in some detail and in your own words.. Although gender is not a central theme of analysis in this article, there are gendered implications to most of what Meekosha writes about. Where do you find gender in this article, and in the implications that Meekosha draws?. What connections exist between the insights in this article and our own conversation on Thursday regarding intersections between global development, Malthusian theories of population, and reproduction and sterilization?For those of you interested in the topic, I’m also posting an additional (recommended but not required) article that intervenes in disability studies from a historical angle:Susan Burch and Lindsey Patterson, “Not Just Any Body: Disability, Gender, and History.” Journal of Women’s History 25, no. 4 (Winter 2013): 122-137.This article explores how “gender” and “disability” are, in the authors’ words, “historically situated, co-constitutive concepts” as well as “entangled experiences.” It also takes up some examples of the intersection of these themes in terms of eugenics and forced sterilization in the U.S. context. (For those of you unfamiliar with these subjects, it might be helpful to read before reading the Meekosha article.)

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