Project Closing




Project Closing
In Unit VIII, you are required to complete the Project Closeout section of your project plan. Refer to your unit
lesson and required unit resources to advance your project plan. For this unit, create the section listed below.
Project Closeout: All necessary project closeout documentation should be included. Work completed or soon to
be-completed must be identified, along with any configuration management changes.
8.1 Close Cost Accounts: Discuss completing and closing all project cost accounts and other financial
8.2 Lessons Learned: Complete a Lessons Learned assessment that identifies key concepts learned and
suggestions for future projects. What is your plan for retention of this information?
The Project Closeout section should be a minimum of two pages in length. You will need to add the Project
Closeout section to your previous work from Units II–VII and submit a cohesive, complete, polished document
for your final project plan. You will submit only one document; you do not have to submit the Project Closeout
section separately.




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