“What sort of events happen when you are running your business that make you want to reachfor a computer?

Waiters on Call (WoC) is a restaurant meal-delivery service started in 2003 by Sue and TomBickford. The Bickford both worked for restaurants while in college and always dreamed ofopening their own restaurant. But unfortunately, the initial investment was always out ofreach. The Bickford notices that many restaurants offer takeout food,and some restaurant -primarily pizzerias – offer home delivery service. Many people they met, however, seemed towant home delivery service with a wider food selection.Sue and Tom conceived Waiters on Call as the best of both worlds: a restaurant service withoutthe high initial investment. The Bickford contracted with a variety of well-known restaurants intown to accept orders from customers and to deliver the complete meals. After preparing themeal to order, the restaurant charges Waiters on Call a wholesale price, and the customer paysretail plus a service charge and tip. Waiters on Call started modestly, with only two restaurantsand one delivery driver working the dinner shift. Business rapidly expanded, and the Bickfordrealized they needed a custom computer system to support their operations. They hired aconsultant, Sam Wells, to help them define what sort of a system they needed.“What sort of events happen when you are running your business that make you want to reachfor a computer?” asked Sam. “Tell me about what usually goes on.”“Well,” answered Sue, “when a customer calls in wanting to order, I need to record it and getthe information to the right restaurant. I need to know which driver to ask to pick up the order,so I need drivers to call in and tell me when they are free.Sometimes customers call back wanting to change their orders, so I need to get myhands onthe original order and notify the restaurant to make the change.“Okay, how do you handle the money?” queried Sam.Tom Jumped in, “The drivers get a copy of the bill directly from the restaurant when they pickup the meal. The bill should agree with our calculations. The drivers collect that amount plus aservice charge. When drivers report in at closing, we add up the money they have and compareit with the records we have. After all drivers report in,we need to create a deposit slip for thebank for the day’s total receipts. At the end ofeach week, we calculate what we owe eachrestaurant at the agreed-to wholesale priceand send each a statement and a cheque.”“What other information do you need to get from the system?” continued Sam.“It would be great to have some information at the end of each week about ordersbyrestaurant and orders by area of town – things like that,” added Sue. “That would helpusdecide about advertising and contracts with restaurants. Then we need monthlystatements forour accountant.”
Sam made some notes and sketched some diagrams as Sue and Tom talked. Then afterspendingsome time thinking about it, he summarized the situation for Waiters on Call.“It sounds to me like you need a system that does some processing when these events occur:- A customer calls in to place an order, so you need to record an order.- A driver is finished with a delivery, so you need to record delivery completion.- A customer calls back to change an order, so you need to update an order.- A driver reports for work, so you need to sign in the driver.- A driver submits the day’s receipts, so you need to reconcile driver receipts.“Then you need the system to produce information at specific points in time – forexample,when it is time to produce:- an end-of-day deposit slip- end-of-week restaurant payments- weekly sales reports- monthly financial reports“Based on the way you have described your business operations, I am assuming you will need adatabase to store information about these types of things:- Restaurant- Menu items- Customers- Orders- Order payment- Drivers“Then I suppose you are going to maintain the information in a database about restaurants anddrivers. You will need to do some processing when you add a new restaurant, a restaurantchanges the menu, you drop a restaurant, you hire a new driver“Am I on the right track?”Sue and Tom quickly agreed that Sam was talking about the system in a way they couldunderstand. They were confident they had found the right consultant for the job.So, requirements are finalized now.Your task is to develop design.(UML class diagram for above requirements in any tool uml

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