Write a 6 page analysis in which you discuss the theoretical

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Write a 6 page analysis in which you discuss the theoretical framework of the research presented in this articlehttps://journals-sagepub-com.library.capella.edu/d…nstructionsIn 6 pages, write an analysis in which you complete the following:Begin your work with an introduction that explains the purpose of the analysis and its contents.Discuss the general importance of theory in research, how theory guides research, and then how research contributes to theory.Identify and describe the theory used to provide the framework for your chosen research article. Use the theoretical articles you found about the theory to help support your description, making sure to properly cite all information.Analyze how the researchers used the theory or theories to provide the framework for the research. As you answer this, some things to consider are how the theory guided the literature review, the identification of the research problem, the selection of variables, the selection of the research population, and the research questions.Continuing with the research article, analyze how answering its research questions will contribute to the identified theory or theories. For example, how might answering the research questions test the theory, extend it to different contexts, generate a new theory, or add to the current tenets of the theory?Evaluate how well you think the theory or theories provide a framework for the research study. Include both strengths and limitations when evaluating the contribution the research made to the theory or theories.End your paper with a summary and conclusion.

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