500 words, 2 references From the personal selling perspectiv

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500 words, 2 references From the personal selling perspective, there have been many changes in the role of the salesperson over the past decade. One aspect that drives numerous changes is the development of various forms of social media and web-based portals. Complete a quick search and identify at least three different changes within the personal selling arena that have occurred because of either social media or web-based portals. Describe each and state the long-term impact on personal selling as a profession. As an example, one of the newest aspects involves reverse auction hubs. Make sure to provide the sources of your information. Include in your discussion post personal observations as well as concrete examples to support your views. Initial posts should be at least two paragraphs and include direct references to the readings and/or additional articles. Word choice and sentence structure should be suitable for professional level work, and all sources should have appropriate references and citations

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