Determine the Velocity of paddle blades (ft/s).

A flocculator that is 100 ft long, 50 ft wide, and 20 ft deep houses four, horizontal paddle-wheels. Each paddle-wheel has four symmetrical arms with fiber glass boards, 6.5 ft from the shaft to the center of board rotating at 1.5 rpm. Paddles are 42 ft long and 8 inches wide. The water treatment plant processes 25 MGD of water. Assume that the mean water velocity is 25% of the paddle velocity and CD equals 1.8, and and ρ are equal to 2.735 × 10−5 lb⋅s/ft4 and 1.936 lb⋅s/ft2, respectively. Determine the following:

a. Velocity of paddle blades (ft/s).

b. Total power input (hp).

c. Velocity gradient (s−1).

d. Detention time (min).

e. G (dimensionless).

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