Drawing a business process


The assignment is to draw a business process map to show how the issue is being handled now & pinpoint where our solution comes in

I think we should work on a) how AirBnB is failing to handle customer issues – for the process map part. and b) how much $ it costs the host/traveler/business

Part B B. PROJECT SECTION I Research the business problem and describe your understanding of it. Perform a thorough research investigation of how it works, impact on business (or society), and metrics or financial indicators (how you will benchmark the effectiveness of your solution) and any other research you can find. Be sure to give a thorough background of the problem and cite to appropriate articles and papers to prove the validity of your research. Also include existing solutions in the market that address this problem. How impactful is the problem? Whom does this affect, how and to what extent How is it currently addressed? Why these methods are inefficient or ineffective An “as-ls” process maps illustrating the current process/solution with some explanations





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