My topic is ‘Cats vs. dogs: which makes the better pet?’ You

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My topic is ‘Cats vs. dogs: which makes the better pet?’ You will NOT just copy and paste from different sources on the Internet and put it in one document.Use this as a guide and follow the steps sequentially:1. Determine what is your research interest. My Example: I am interested in fake news, misinformation, and misleading content on social media2. Provide a brief background on your research interest (synthesized at least 10 sentences, at least 3 different sources)My Example: Fake news or formally known as disinformation is a type of information that is created for the purpose of deceiving. The source, known as the threat agent fabricates content that ultimately targets information consumers. Mostly seen on social networking sites, it is usually politically motivated to damage a persona’s reputation. (Lazer et al, 2018)Note: Always cite your reference, submission without at least 3 will be asked to resubmit again.3. From the above summary, what EXACTLY and SPECIFIC about it that you want to find out? My example: I wonder how does a user feel after finding out that the news he just read is false? Is it anger to the one who posted it? Or perhaps disappointment?Note: At this point compose your thoughts, and formally translate it to your RESEARCH QUESTION (usually starts with WHAT or HOW) and is not easily answerable unless confirmed by your research that you’re about to perform for this course.And so for my example research question: What is the prevailing emotion of an individual after his recognition of disinformation?

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