Reading Assignments1. Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education C

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Reading Assignments1. Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center. Prepare for disaster: Special information for pregnant women. Available at needs in caring for pregnant women during times of disaster for non-obstetric health care providers. Available at 3. Wiest, R., Mocellin, J., Motsisi,D.The Needs of Women in Disasters and Emergencies. June 20, 1994). Prepared by the University of Manitoba.the needs of women in disasters and emergencies.pdf4. Ewing B, Buchholtz S, Rotanz R, Assisting pregnant women to prepare for disaster MCN Am J Matern Child Nurs. 2008 Mar-Apr;33(2):98-103.Assisting Pregnant Women to prepare for disasters – Ewing B.pdfhealth concerns of women and infants in times of natural disasters.pdf autism prevelance following prenatal exposure to hurricanes.pdf disasters result in tiny babies.pdfDiscussion Board List at least 6 challenges posed by pregnant patients in a disaster or MCI situation.

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