“South of the Border”


1. From what genre is this performance?
2. Where and when did this art form originate?
3. Who are some of the most famous artists within this genre?
4. Why is this genre important?
5. What other genres of music were influenced or borne out of this form of music?
6. How popular is this music today?
7. What are some of the traits of this music genre? What does it sound like? What instruments are commonly used? What are some of the common themes of the lyrics?
About the Song:
1. What is the song’s title?
2. What is the song about?
3. Describe the instruments, performance style, rhythm, melody, and form?
4. How does this song connect to your life? Copy out lyrics that illustrate this point. 5. What do you like most about this song?
6. What do you not like most about this song?
7. How does this song make you feel?

“South of the Border” (Gene Autry, 1939) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZYPa6tI43Q&list=PLLMdfoh0e0ubfucmeNzueuF6kgtpvAVM6&index=14


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