Home Town Event Paper- Ethnic and Cultural Dance

This is Home Town Event Paper based on Ethnic and Cultural Dance. The paper also entails diversity and oppression in a community.

Home Town Event Paper- Ethnic and Cultural Dance

Below are instructions for your Home town event paper. It should be four pages long and supported by the event that you participated in (some kind of support documentation). Make sure that you add a title page, the purpose of your paper, a conclusion and why this event is significant to your development as a cultural competent social worker. You can use the course text book and other class materials to complete this paper.

Home Town Event

Look around your community and find cultural/social events that you would not normally attend. Possibilities include:

Ethnic or cultural dance
Religious services or events (weekly services, revival, Passover , fast during Ramadan and join a Muslim breaking of the fast)
Participatory activities (a dance where you dance)
Observational activities (a dance where you are in the audience)
Social group aligned with the diverse/oppressed groups we discuss
And many more
You do not have to go alone. Invite your friends and family. Ask a friend if you can go with her to something she does.

Home Town Event Paper- Ethnic and Cultural Dance

After the event, write a 3-page reflection using the course readings, discussions, and other materials as appropriate. Use the following questions to get started:

Describe the event.
What were your reactions during the event?
What are your reflections after the event?
Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Why?
What did you learn about diversity and oppression in your community.

I have the material I Just need a paper. I tried an Indian restaurant for the first time as my home town event I went to restaurant called Essence of India. Could you talk about essence lamb cury, lentil soup, and butter naan. I guess do some research over those foods and talk about them. I even tried a Indian drink if you want to talk about that also its called mango lassi

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