In everyday practice, nurses encounter issues, problems, and

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In everyday practice, nurses encounter issues, problems, and questions related to patient care needs that, for appropriate intervention, demand effective clinical decision making. This has resulted in the demand for evidence-based practice (EBP), which, according to Gallagher-Ford, Fineout-Overholt, Melnyk, and Stillwell (2011), is a problem-solving approach towards healthcare delivery that integrates clinician expertise & patient value and preferences and the best evidence from patient data & research. Weng et al. (2013) concur that EBP is medical practice that aligns with the up-to-date best evidence.The implementation of EBP is often procedural. For instance, according to Weng et al. (2013), it is achieved through four sequential steps that encompass developing an intelligible question founded on a clinical problem, exploring clinical literature to search for relevant evidence, critically assessing whether the contemporary research is valid and evidential, and finally making clinical decisions based on the findings.ReferencesGallagher-Ford, L., Fineout-Overholt, E., Melnyk, B. M., & Stillwell, S. B. (2011). Evidence-based practice, step by step: implementing an evidence-based practice change. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 111(3), 54-60.Weng, Y. H., Kuo, K. N., Yang, C. Y., Lo, H. L., Chen, C., & Chiu, Y. W. (2013). Implementation of evidence-based practice across medical, nursing, pharmacological and allied healthcare professionals: a questionnaire survey in nationwide hospital settings. Implementation Science, 8(1), 112.Reply Quote 2 days agoWanda Morancy INSTRUCTOR MANAGER COLLAPSEThank you for your input Nayvi. I agree that Evidence- Based practice is necessary in clinical decision making and best practices. Healthcare is ever evolving and scientific knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate. Thus translating such concepts in to clinical practice may take time. In order to note the effect on patient outcomes, quality nursing decision and performance must occur. What role does leadership play in supporting evidence-based practices in the clinical setting?please reply to the professor: more than 80 words

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