IntroductionThe Florida Springs seem to be in the news quite

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IntroductionThe Florida Springs seem to be in the news quite a bit in 2015 mainly due to the challenges that they face in overcoming pressures from development, pollution and human activities. The Springs have been around for thousands of years and have an interesting and varied history. They have been valued by humans for many reasons over many years and are still valued today as an important natural freshwater resource.DirectionFor this Assignment, research and read articles, books, etc. that you find about Florida Springs. You can use any reputable peer reviewed source with proper referencing using APA standards. Concentrate on the environmental aspects of the springs and bringing attention to problem areas but do not neglect any social, business and political overlap. Consider the freshwater resource aspects as well.Draft a PowerPoint Presentation: Ten to fifteen slides long and all criteria below must be fully addressed at a minimum. Graphics are accepted if properly referenced but the most important information with respect to grading is the narrative material and the organization of the presentation.Address the following criteria at a minimum:Course name, student name, Module number and date.Choose an example of a Florida Spring and briefly describe it as a freshwater resource and what it has been used for.Report the federal and state government rules or regulations that apply to Florida Springs, their protections, their use and any oversight.Name the government agencies that have authority over the Florida Springs and describe their involvement.Report and briefly explain at least two major environmental concerns related to the Florida Springs and one freshwater resource issue.Explain the human activities that negatively impact Florida Springs.Report on what is being done to protect the Florida Springs and the costs involved.Propose at least one further action that could be taken to protect the Florida Springs.

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