Q1. After reading the following article, Feds spend billions

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Q1. After reading the following article, Feds spend billions to run museum-ready computer systems (Links to an external site.), devise two ways in which you would try and convince the government to transition from their antiquated system to a newer, technologically advanced system. Choose any 2(a-c) and give them feedback. I want that by today please….. A. Changing from the old-fashioned framework to a more up to date one. Innovatively propelled framework can keep the administration from spending a ton of cash on obsolete frameworks. This is on the grounds that these frameworks will keep the administration from proceeding to burn through cash on out of date frameworks that have outlast their adequacy and that are expending assets that surpass the advantages. This will assist the government with acquiring new systems with updating limit and adaptability and which merit the cash because of their high effectiveness.Technological innovation will help increment effectiveness over the administration divisions. For instance, preparing workers to utilize the more seasoned frameworks take a great deal of time. The more up to date mechanically propelled frameworks are simpler to utilize, they require less preparing cost, less representatives and lower looked after expenses. Additionally, the more up to date mechanically propelled frameworks will spare time of performing functions since they are generally quick.B.In order for the government to have the transition from their antiquated system to a newer technologically advanced system, it is important that the report containing the suggestion for the transition contains the advantages of implementing the newer technologically advanced system. The major determinants that make the government hesitant for this transition are: Need for investments to invest in transition to new systems at different levels in the government. No planned change which results in no firm dates or schedule. Lack of knowledge of the new young hires about the old systems. I would devise the following two ways to convince the government to effect the change to new systems and they are:Create a sense of emergency- Since the government has a high security risk due to non-availability of replacement components and lack of knowledge of older systems, it is pertinent that the government shift to the newer systems to avoid any huge loss. A report containing clearer goals and schedules will be presented to the GAO who has the deciding authority to implement this change creating a sense of emergency. The report will address all of the above issues such as plan, hiring new young hires; statistical data how the government would benefit with this new change, etc.Investment- Since the government has lack of funds to invest in this transition it is pertinent that the report contains recommendations how to pool-in the $3 billion for investment. This is huge money and all the departments and agencies should be ready to invest part of their resources. Then the White House should contribute this huge sum to implement this change in all agencies across the government. Since there is a sense of urgency created in the minds of all the government official, obtaining approval from The White House would not be a challenge as this investment would save billions of dollars and huge losses.Reference: https://apnews.com/54fb0c2ad1e249658cde51c3c6380252/govt-report-feds-spend-billions-run-ancient-technologyc.The outdated systems have to go away, especially outdated government computers. When I was in the military, I did come across some computer equipment that was as old as my first Atari from the early 80’s. I thought it was on display for people to see at first, then I learned that some of the equipment was still used. Crazy. There are so many computer companies in the world today. The government could simply use that money to contract one of these companies and get them to setup a new system for them. This would give the government the top of the line systems to use for the Defense Department, Social Security and the others named in the article. The government would be spending our tax dollars on something better than what they have now at the time of this article. They would have to perform this with a sense of urgency to keep hackers at bay. No wonder the government gets hacked so much. Are they using the first version of Norton also???Q2. Read Karon’s “A Positive Solution for Plagiarism (Links to an external site.).” What’s this?!? It’s as if you get to see behind the Great Oz’s curtain! This discussion of common causes for plagiarism and common solutions that professors employ to combat it is revealing for two reasons. First, you, as a student, get to consider the other side of the plagiarism issue (and it is an issue!) The information you may have received about this topic to date has been directed at keeping you from falling, intentionally or unintentionally, into it. Karon walks through some of the common approaches to quelling/addressing plagiarism and then proposes a solution that has worked in his classes. Your task in this discussion board is to apply what you learned about refutation in the second essay and to write a two paragraph refutation of his proposal. Remember that a strong rebuttal can also acknowledge where the author is correct. However, you are tasked with raising possible shortcomings of Karon’s proposal to address plagiarism.

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