The American grid


“….the greater automation in the American grid [than than Ukranian grid] might mean that it provide[s] even more points of attack (Michael Daniels, Chapter 15).
1. What do you think of Daniels’ statement? How should we deal with automation in modern systems? Back up your opinion with at least one cite (Food for thought:
2. And then, how do you use automation in your life, and in what ways do you think it makes your digital life more or less secure?

“…But regardless of the outcome they imagined, they [the Russians] had successfully thrown the core of American democracy into chaos]”. (Greenberg, Chapter 16)

1. How can we determine the severity of an attack, and how to attribute? Should it be based purely on impact, intended or not? Or does intent matter?
2. Think about how you search on Google or other search engines for cyber-related activities. How role does your intent play here? Could it be misconstrued? How can you make your intentions clear? Alternatively, if you perform white hacking exercises with a secure browser and/or VPN, how can you ethically justify its use? (Food for thought:
These are difficult ethical questions in the increasing complexity of cyberspace



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