This is an online quiz. and when you ready for the quiz, tel

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This is an online quiz. and when you ready for the quiz, tell me , I will send you the questions. BUT IMPORTANT thing is as I click the quiz start, it must be finished in one and half hours, that means, you have to give me the answers in one and half hour. The quiz is real time, so make sure you are ready for this, then tell me, we will start it.Here are some guidelines:The following texts will be covered on the quiz:’Learning to Read’ by Frederick Douglass’Learning to Read’ by Malcolm X’On Being 17, Bright, and Unable to Read’ by David Raymond’How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading’ by John Holt’College Pressures’ by William Zinsser’Fremont High School’ by Jonathan Kozol’What Reading Does for the Mind’ by Anne Cunningham and Keith Stanovich’Hitting Them Hardest When They’re Small’ by Jonathan KozolThe feedback/peer review from your peersThere will be 10 short-response questions. I recommend writing 3-6 sentences per question, and be sure to answer all parts of the question. Each question is designed to ensure that you have completed the reading, that you are thinking critically about the reading, and that you are practicing critical thinking (analyzing authors’ claims, making connections between reading assignments, etc.). I do not ask specifics about the texts; my questions are general and your job is to give me specific, detailed responses. The quiz is open-book, open-notes but please do not simply copy/paste from your homework or the texts! All responses should be original.IMPORTANT: Once you click on the quiz, you will have one and half hour to complete it. Be sure to do all prep before opening the quiz.Directions: Respond to each question in complete sentences using academic English to the best of your ability. Be sure to answer all parts of the question and use evidence from the text to support your claims. I recommend writing 3-6 sentences per question.

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