.Assignment Three– Facilitate and Summarize a Guided Leade

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.Assignment Three– Facilitate and Summarize a Guided Leadership Circle Individual facilitation and summary reflections of a small group on a weekly leadership reflection twice during the course. In every class students will lead a group of their peers (4 to 5 students) in examining, discussing and reflecting on the weekly applied leadership topics. Student will also practice listening in order to summarize the collective thoughts and expressions of the group.The main objective of this model is to increase collaboration among students and allow them to organize and express learning through reflections. It provides students a better understanding of various perspectives that each group member can bring to a team experience. The leadership circles will be modelled after the talking circle, a traditional way for Native American people to solve problems and share information. It is a very effective way to remove barriers and to allow people to express themselves with complete freedom. It also allows for a more equitable space for all learners to express and share ideas and thoughts. Students will form small circles and the role of the facilitator is to guide the discussion in a clockwise direction around the circle until every student has had the chance to report, relate, reason and reconstruct the topic. The facilitator will open the discussion and ensure that only one person in the circle at a time is speaking. Members of the circle may take their turn or pass to the next member until they are ready to engage in the discussion.On completion of the discussion, the facilitator must summarize the discussion in order to report back to the main group the strongest themes emerging from the discussion. Note that the participants may decide that some information is not to be shared with the larger group (personal experiences or examples). The summaries should be posted in the discussion space in the D2L site by the person who summarized. Please make note of the facilitator on the summary and the attendance on your summary. NOTE: ALL students will have pre read the assigned chapter and started to think about the main questions that will be posed during the discussion. Questions for guided discussionTopic :Organizational Structure, Culture and Leadership StylesArticle to read >> Katzenbach, J. R., Steffen, I., & Kronley, C. (2012). Cultural change that sticks. Harvard Business Review, 90(7), 110-117.Focus Questions for Leadership CircleWhat is organizational culture? Why is organizational culture significant in organizations?What is the role of a leader is setting organizational culture?Can a leader adapt to changing organizational cultures? How? How are leadership competencies affected by organizational culture?Book Name: if neededBolea, A., and Atwater, L. (2016). Applied leadership development: nine elements of leadership mastery. Routledge, New York, NY

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