Breaking Away Nebraska The Virgin Suicides

Select and watch one of the movies listed below. You may choose to substitute a movie not on this list but you must get prior permission from me. I would suggest that you watch the movie with your family or friends if possible. Discuss with them before answering the questions. You may want to find the reviews of the plots of the movies you are not familiar with before making your selection.A partial list of appropriate movies for this assignment: Breaking Away
The Virgin Suicides
Still Alice
Dangerous Minds
The Long Walk Home
The Color Purple
Mean Girls
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Mr. Holland’s Opus
Stand by Me
Alika and the Bee
Little Miss Sunshine
This Boy’s Life
The Help
The Great Santini
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Butler
Cinema Paradiso
The Joy Luck Club
Mr. Holland’s Opus
Girl, Interrupted
The Ice Storm
The House of Yes
The Squid and the Whale
August: Osage County
After you have watched the movie and reflected on it, write an essay on three of the following discussion topics and how that topic was covered in the film. You must give examples to support your answer. Each topic must a minimum of three paragraphs. An opening paragraph must be included stating what movie you selected and why; and the date you watched it. A closing paragraph summarizing what you learned from the movie and how you will apply it in your relationships with children must be included. Possible topics for discussion:Societal trends and changes and child rearing patterns
Methods of socialization and child outcomes
Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development
Stress and child outcomes
Divorce and child outcomes
Grandparents raising grandchildren
Socioeconomic status and child rearing values and behaviors
Culture/Ethnicity/Heritage and child rearing values and behaviors
Parenting styles and child outcomes
Bidirectional parent/child relationships
Birth order and child outcomes
Dysfunctional parenting: causes and effects
Child care and child outcomes
School goals
School’s methods of socializing children
Teaching styles
Friendship development
Education andculture
children “at risk”
family involvement
Peersas a socializing agent
and conformity
and children’s play
negative and positive influences
and bullying
Remember that there must be a total of 11 paragraphs: three topics, three paragraphs each and an opening and closing paragraph.

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