Creative Response #3According to Amnesty International, one

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Creative Response #3According to Amnesty International, one problem with detention and imprisonment (around the world) is: ‘Prisoners of conscience – someone has not used or advocated violence but is imprisoned because of who they are (sexual orientation, ethnic, national or social origin, language, birth, colour, sex or economic status) or what they believe (religious, political or other conscientiously held beliefs).’ Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o is considered to have been a prisoner of conscience. Think of the many different interpretations an applications of this expression, and create an original work–a poem, a story, a short nonfiction piece, a piece of audio (music or spoken) or video, or a work of visual art with the title Prisoner of Conscience. (ONLY NEEDS TO BE THREE PARAGRAPHS OR ONE PAGE.)

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