Database Analysis

Design, develop business application database.

Create a database with the following three tables: CUSTOMER, PRODUCT, SALES.

Logically: One customer can complete many sales, and one product can be involved in many sales. (Note: each line item of a receipt is considered as a single sale).

Identify a primary key for each table: Customer_ID (char 5); Product_ID (char 5); Sales_ID (Char 5). The datatype for each field is listed next to it.

Each table must have at least three (3) relevant attributes.1. The CUSTOMER table must include a name.2. The PRODUCT table must include a name and price.3. The SALES table must include a date.

Each table must have a minimum of five (5) rows of data.

Create an relationship diagram linking all three tables together in Access.

Create a form and a report that support this database.

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