Decency, violence, and the moral life of the inner city. WW Norton & Company, 2000.Armour, Jody David. Negrophobia and reasonable racism:

One of your upcoming assignments for next week is an annotated bibliography, and we will be practicing that skill in a journal this week, but since you will be reading sources for this topic in the coming week, it might be relevant to get some clarity on the topic, itself.
Now that you have decided on your topic, think of potential subtopics about which you may write, as well as the point you are attempting to prove; this information will allow your peers to look at the ideas and offer you some potential subtopics or views which you had not already considered.
After you have “thought” about the subtopics and your stance, post a response.Add your initial reply post to this discussion by Wednesday night at 11:59 pm (to do so, just select the “reply” button, below). In your post please include the following:
1)Begin your post by stating your topic and listing subtopics.
2)Write a thesis statement stating your stance on your topic.
3)Write a few topic sentences that would support this thesis.
4)Write one topic sentence that offers the opposition’s view.
***The post must be at least 100 words.By Saturday night at 11:59 pm, please reply to at least two of your peer’s posts. In each reply, please do at least one of the following:Note an idea that you and your peer shared or agreed upon.
Share some feedback or commentary about something interesting he/she shared that you may not have considered.
***The replies must also be at least 50 words each.********* Step 2 sources ************Dugan Arnnet & Laura Crimaldi: “One of the worst police departments in the country’: Reign of brutality brings a reckoning in Springfield.” The Boston Globe (2020): Retrieved from: Flaccus & Sally Ho “Arrests in Portland Protest follow fairly calm rally.” The Washington Times (2020): Retrieved from: EL Zabar “Chicago Residents React to Recent Police Brutality Incidents.” Chicago Defender (2020). Retrieved from: Zaveri and Ashley Southall “Abrupt Police Crackdown on West Village Crowd Prompts Criticism.” The New York Times: Retrieved from: M: Black Lives Matter: To the Police; Freedom Journal Institute (2020). Retrieved from: SourcesAmy O’Kruk “A Look at Police Brutality in America.” NBC Boston (2020):
Internet sources; retrieved from: F., Lee H., & Esposito M. “Risk of being killed by the police use of force in the United States by age, race, ethnicity, and sex.” Internet source (2020). Retrieved from: Peeples “What the data is saying about police brutality and racial bias-and which reforms might work.” Internet Source (2020). Retrieved from: Ray “How can we enhance police accountability in the United States?” Brookings, Internet source (2020).Retrieved from: Brown “Hatred and police brutality in the U.S and lessons for Mexico: Brooking, Internet source (2020). Retrieved from: Citation and List under CitationChaney, Cassandra, and Ray V. Robertson. “Racism and police brutality in America.” Journal of African American Studies 17.4 (2013): 480-505.Bibliography under this citationAlexander, Michelle. The new Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness. The New Press, 2020.Anderson, Elijah. Code of the street: Decency, violence, and the moral life of the inner city. WW Norton & Company, 2000.Armour, Jody David. Negrophobia and reasonable racism: The hidden costs of being black in America. Vol. 32. NYU Press, 1997.Blackmon, Douglas A. Slavery by another name: The re-enslavement of black Americans from the Civil War to World War II. Anchor, 2009.Blair, Irene V., Charles M. Judd, and Kristine M. Chapleau. “The influence of Afrocentric facial features in criminal sentencing.” Psychological science 15.10 (2004): 674-679.

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