Denver International Airport case study, summarize the case study and discuss the main case.

Denver International Airport Case Study

Kerzner, Ph.D., Harold. (2013), Fourth Edition, Project Management Case Studies Workbook to Accompany: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 978-1-118-02228-3


Section 1  – Introduction and Case Summary

  • Summarize the case study and discuss the main case.


Section 2  – Directed Research Relating to Case

  • Research at least one of the following topics in 5 pages ( Reference a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles)
  • Latest Techniques for Project Feasibility Study and Go Decision
  • Using Bonds to Finance Projects and Factors that Affect Bond Ratings
  • Estimation or Modeling Techniques to Predict Project Cash Flow and Debt Payment
  • Important Factors in Subcontracting Project Management Teams


If your passion is outside the scope management area, you may research any of the following topics for your paper.

Individual Research Themes:


  1. Techniques for Managing Research and Development or Other Innovative Efforts as a Project
  2. Techniques for Developing Effective Metrics for Project Management
  3. Selecting and Developing KPIs for Project Management
  4. Identifying Value Component Changes in Project Management and Adjusting Metrics and KPIs


  1. Risk Management Plan Development for Normal and Critical Risks
  2. Risk Identification Techniques for Normal and Critical Risks
  3.  The Quantification of Risk Including Critical Risks
  4. Techniques for Handling Risks and Critical Risks
  5. Control of Normal Risks and Critical Risks


  1. Important Considerations and Methodologies for Hiring Project Managers
  2. Effective Methodologies for Measuring Project Manager Performance
  3. Evaluation of Additional Appraisal Techniques (Beyond the Nine Techniques Examined by Photolite Corporation)
  4. Issues Arising From an Overlap of Power and Authority in a Matrix Organization



  1. Change Management for New Implementation of Project Management
  2. Hiring, Training and Promotion of Project Managers in an Organization New to Project Management
  3. The Importance of Strategic Planning for Project Management Implementation
  4. The Relationship of Project Organizational Structure to Company Organization Structure and Impacts


  1. Techniques for Estimating Cost on Software Projects
  2. Important Considerations for Cost Estimate Perturbations
  3. Project Estimate Types and Alignment with Strategic Plan


Section 3 – Recommendations and Conclusions

  • Use the information you learned in your research and case study (Denver International Airport or other cases discussed during the class) to draw the Project Management experience together.  Examples of items to address would include: What were some of the lessons learned? What should have been done differently? What guidance would you give for performing a similar project in the future?


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