Design an integrated pest management program for Soybean in Kansas

Design an integrated pest management program for Soybean in Kansas (eastern part of the state) given the target pests listed below. Your goal is to protect the available undefeated resistance genes and herbicide products (also listed below). Use both IPM (including pesticides if warranted) and gene deployment strategies. Your strategies must be economically viable and must keep all three pests from becoming an economic issue for an extended time period (>10 years). Assume that damaging levels of all pest populations are present in the absence of management each year.PestGene1/Herbicide Mode of Action Phytophthora sojaeRps1cNBS-LRRRps1kNBS-LRR(Polygenic)Tolerance Soybean aphidRag1NBS-LRRRag2NBS-LRR(Polygenic)Tolerance Palmer amaranth2 Lactofen (Cobra) PPO-inhibitors Glyphosate EPSPS-Inhibitor Sulfonylurea herbicide (Classic)ALS-inhibitor1All resistance genes are inherited as a dominant trait. Assume Gene-for-Gene interactions for NBS-LRR type genes. Assume that avirulent pest races predominate initially. Assume that tolerance is race nonspecific but only reduces yield loss by half compared to a susceptible and intolerant variety.2Assume that the weed population is susceptible to the herbicides listed and that the soybean variety is Roundup Ready.

Reference no: EM132069492


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