fill in the blanks with the appropriate words

Fill the blank with either it’s or its. 1. _____ about time you showed up! 2. It was _____ first time out of the cage. 3. _____ feet were covered with sand. 4. Get up, _____ time for school. 5. I’m glad to see you; _____ been a long time. 6. _____ important to study hard for tests. 7. The bear protected _____ cubs. 8. _____ my turn to go down the slide. 9. The dog felt great with _____ new hair cut. 10. _____ too late to eat dinner. 11. My car is old and _____ paint is peeling. 12. The bird realized that the wind had blown _____ nest away. 13. The game came to _____ conclusion. 14. Turn down the music, _____ hurting my ears.

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