Following the class exercise, run a “solve the Outbreak”…Following the class exercise, run a “solve the Outbreak” problem at home. Answer the following questions:you have to complete level 1 outbreak not all of it just 3 or 4 to open for you level 2 outbreaks because I want you to use level 2 outbreaksOutbreak: ____________________________________1) What were the original observations which lead to identifying the outbreak?
2) What additional information was needed to understand the nature of the outbreak?
3) Describe the data gathered and review for the Outbreak (provide copies and printouts as needed).
4) After reviewing the gathered data, what hypothesis did you form on the cause of the outbreak? How was this/could this be tested?
5) What was the final solution? Summarize at least three main lines of evidence you gathered and show how they support the finding.

Reference no: EM132069492


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