How Vegan Diet affects health


1. Health Promotion Paper using Gordon’s Framework (submit to Turnitin under “Assignments”).
Health Promotion Objective: Students will search nursing and allied health resources for evidence-based data
to develop a paper on one of the topics. Current relevant recommendations may enhance the health promotion
of individuals, families and communities while enhancing cultural competence.
Topic Suggestions: (Define in terms of gender, age, and culture of well individuals)
• Lifespan vs. Health span: What are the differences?
• Ways in which the body ages (Inflammation, Oxidation, Methylation, and Telomere reduction).
• Brain and body aging. Are there ways to slow body aging? What does the research suggest to help
individuals live healthier and longer?
• Hormones and aging. Does hormonal supplementation (testosterone, estrogen, human growth hormone
supplements) prolong life? What does the research support?
• Aging and Sleep. How do sleep patterns change with aging and what are the health impacts?
• Gender and aging. Define sex and gender and compare and contrast health and aging for each.
• Blood pressure and aging. Define a gender and determine how blood pressure is potentially affected through
the aging process for that gender. Discuss activity, diet, lifestyle, etc.
• Aging and bone health. Define osteopenia, osteoporosis, medications, etc. What are some health risks
associated with bone health?
• Gum Disease: Define gum disease. Is gum disease related to an increased risk for heart disease, stroke and

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